What are we doing?

Apart from the products we create under the name of our brand, we carry out project-based works with designers, architects, sculptors and lighting manufacturers as workshops.

You can review some of the techniques we apply to glass below, and contact us for your projects that you want to implement.
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  • Free and Mold Blow

    It is the process of producing designs by blowing into glass paste at 1200-1500°C or pouring into a mold.
  • Cutting, Engraving, Machining

    It is the process of cutting and carving the product, which has been cast and cooled, in diamond stones by hand geometry methods.
  • Sandblasting, Etching

    It is the process of etching the glass with various minerals in sandblasting, sanding or grinding machines according to its structure.
  • Drilling, Expanding

    It is the process of drilling or expanding glass with precision diamond bits of various sizes in a column drill machine.
  • UV Bonding, Joining

    It is the process of bonding glass-glass, glass-brass or metal with the help of resistant chemicals.
  • Polishing

    It is the process of polishing the product, all stages of which are completed, with various felts and chemicals.
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